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The Pirata

Hand built by us with Certificate of Authenticity

signed by Roger Rabbitt

Black Lotus designer


312 ampere turn Black Lotus modular coils with integral wiring 

Fully adjustable rear coil core

Fully adjustable floating rear spring perch

One piece  mono  or twin spring

Cush drive front screw adjuster (can be adjusted when running)

This machine can be adjusted whilst it is running unlike any other twin coil tattoo machine, this is one of the main features of the Black Lotus tattoo machines and which makes them so unique. 

The machine runs very smoothly and will line or shade, it's performance is constant so no need to check it every morning. 

The classic machine shape is enhanced by the slim bottom block and coil set up  with stainless and nickel fasteners.

These machines are produced in very low numbers as they are hand built.  These are precision built professional tattoo machines and not to be confused with other versions


Price £150