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since 1999


     introducing the NEW Black Lotus tattoo ink range
available in black or white with more colours coming soon

this is a tattoo ink that has be made to the highest and safest standards known to create a professional easy to use strong and bright ink for the professional tattoo artist who demands the best for them and their clients.

So what's so different?

The difference is we use the safest pigment carrier and highest quality of organic pigment used to create a superb ink, it really is the best of the best!

Whats in it?

our ink is 100% safe unlike some other inks that will not tell you what they use as it may be toxic or harmful and also contain heavy metals etc....

ORGANIC pigment, aqua, ETHANOL alcohol,
VEGETABLE glycerine, hamamelis water



Black Lotus tattoo ink is safe and contains the BEST carrier for organic pigment, ETHANOL ALCOHOL, this is pure NON TOXIC alcohol, (We do NOT use isopropyl alcohol) Ethanol alcohol is used as it prohibits the growth of pathogens , micro organisms, such as a virus, bacterium, prion or fungus that cause disease in its host ie YOU !

Black Lotus ink is a non acrylic ink, and being an organic pigment it allows the body to heal faster and hold the colour much better as we use organic pigment (not dyes which will fade quickly over time.)

Black Lotus inks are of the highest standards possible providing a high level of safety and minimum health risk for consumers.We do not use animal products, our glycerine is 100% vegetable and is suitable for vegans.

As with all tattoo inks, results are subject to the artists skill and aftercare by the customer.

Black Lotus is a Registered Trademark


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email   : sales@blacklotus-tattoo.com

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